Top Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" Tricks

Google is the most popular search engine. Google has unlimited webpages stored in its dababase. But today I will show you the funny side of the Google. You all know about Google's I'm Feeling Lucky. But have you ever click that I'm Feeling Lucky button. Okay, this post is all about I'm Feeling Lucky tricks.

Top Google I'm Feeling Lucky Tricks!

Just write the title of the trick listed below and click on the I'm Feeling Lucky button

1) Google Gravity : Use this trick to feel the gravitational effect on Google.

2) Google Sphere : This trick will arrange all Google pages in flying circular motion.

3) Google Loco : To see Google Jump and Fly, use this one.

4) Annoying Google : This one will convert all Google alphabets in upper case and lower case randomly.

5) Epic Google : Use this trick to search in bigger size texts.

6) Weenie Google : This one is little brother of Epic Google

7) Google Gothic : This one is for music lovers.

8) Google Pacman : Enjoy and play pacman on Google.

9) Who's The Cutest : This will show you the cutest person in the world.

10) Google Hacker : To see how Google being hacked.

11) Google Rainbow : Use this one to see raibow effect on google pages.

12) Google Reverse : To see google in reverse order use this trick.

13. Google Pond : Use this trick to see pond effect in the screen.

14. Google Mirror : This will show the mirror image of Google.

15) Google Pirate : Use this trick to check pirate version of Google.

Just try all the tricks and you will be totally amazed. Share this tricks with your friends to show them the funny and amazing side of Google.

If you know some more Google I'm Feeling Lucky Tricks other than the listed above, please share with us. Hope you like it :)

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